Believe in the possibility of change

Todd is working today at the fire department & so I decided to go by the gym to get a few things done.  Over the course of the past few days, lots of progress has been made at the gym.  While cleaning the restroom, all I could think about was how this process made me believe in the possibilities that are presented in your everyday life.  Today, the gym is empty, there is no equipment, no paint, no people working out.  When I looked out into the gym, I had a choice to see the emptiness that is before me today OR I can live in the beauty of possibility.    

Todd wasn't sure about posting the photos from the gym that we have taken on the website, but we did it anyway.  It seemed like the right thing to do, since success does not come easy & the photos will show the journey that Todd took to follow his dreams.

Today before I left the gym, I saw the end result of the hard work, dedication, and belief of success.  My mind saw a gym full of families getting healthy, pushing their physical & mental limits, laughing, encouraging each other in a positive environment.  While we are still in construction mode, the vision I had will soon be a reality.  

Some of you may be thinking, I can't do CrossFit.  It's too hard, I have to get in shape first, I am too old, I can't do that.  The negative self talk is often limitless unfortunately.  At CrossFit Vert, we believe in the beauty of possibility for you to change your life, change the way you view yourself, and be the athlete you always wanted to be.  

Success is hard work!  Each day progress is made in the direction that you spend your energy.  If you want to be healthy, happy, & active, then you will be.  

Todd wants a gym filled with clients & families who are happy & healthy.  A space that is founded on integrity and trust.  We will keep posting photos of the daily progress made & hope you join us soon,  as we are working hard to provide you a place to conVERT your life.   - Isabelle


Posted on August 16, 2013 .