lauren jones

Crossfit Level 1 

Growing up I was a band geek and had no athletic ability.  In college I decided I wanted to be a police officer but I knew I needed to get in shape.  I joined Crossfit Vert in April of 2014 in hopes that it would help me to prepare for the police academy.  Over the next few months, I gained strength that I never knew was possible for me.  I successfully completed the police academy and couldn't wait to get back to Crossfit.  Over the next couple of years I continued to get stronger and really felt that I had joined a family.  In April of 2017 I obtained my Level 1 and became a coach at Vert. A lot of times I come to Vert after a stressful day at work and whether I'm coaching or working out, I always leave feeling great.  I hope to continue my education in fitness and obtain more certifications that will benefit our gym community.