Captain - Highlands Fire Department

CrossFit Certification:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor

Other Seminars, Certifications, Education

  • Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science
  • Firefighting related leadership and skill based training     

I’ve been an active person who enjoys the outdoors since I was a child. I never competed in high school or collegiate sports, but have a competitive nature when it comes to certain things. I feel most at home outside with a fly rod or rifle in hand and boots on my feet.  Naturally, Scouting was a part of my life and I’m proud to say I earned my Eagle Scout like my father and brother before me.

In 2005 I was hired as a full time Firefighter/EMT.  Fitness became a necessity to do my job well.  Luckily, I was introduced to CrossFit through my brother in the early 2000’s.  He was in Army Special Operations at the time and his team used it frequently for PT. I used that rudimentary understanding of CrossFit along with traditional bodybuilding and cardio as a new firefighter. In 2009 our department adopted CrossFit as a PT program and Todd and I took the Level 1 trainers course together.  We learned many lessons that we would benefit from later.

When Todd opened Vert the atmosphere was invigorating, I was already convinced of the benefits but now I was hooked! This is what a CrossFit gym is supposed to be like!  Fun.  Positive.  Supportive…people meeting new people and sharing an experience, not just existing and plodding through a workout individually. It captured the essence of CrossFit and community and I wanted to be a part of it.

Coaching has been more fulfilling than I ever anticipated.  Witnessing achievement as it happens is truly inspiring and being a part of that is extremely rewarding. I try to coach each individual in a manner that they’re receptive to and create a positive atmosphere for our athletes each time they come to the gym. I believe stepping through the door to make you better shouldn’t just be a difficult endeavor. I am here to help you make it work for you.

Sharing CrossFit with my wife and daughter has been a life changing experience.  It molded a healthy lifestyle and strengthened our bond.  We’ve learned a lot about each other and ourselves though the WOD.  Now there isn’t a question of if  we’re going to the gym but when we’re going to the gym.

I look forward to learning along side our other athletes and growing as CrossFit Vert grows.  It’s gone far in a short amount of time and is only bound to get better.