Owner / Head Coach
Battalion Chief - Highlands Fire Department

Todd has been an active person throughout his life, from competing in youth and high school sports, playing many recreational sports, and later making an attempt at getting fit through “traditional bodybuilding and cardio” (heck, he even ran a 10k once…once).  In 2001, he was hired as a professional firefighter and in 2003 he took on the role of Health and Safety Coordinator and built the Health and Safety Program from the ground up.  He spent 6 years as an ACE certified Peer Fitness Trainer through the IAFF/IAFC Wellness Fitness Initiative and developed programs for the guys at work. He learned about CrossFit from Isabelle, and it sparked his curiosity.  To be honest, he thought it was kind of crazy at first but over time started to implement CrossFit into his personal life as well as using daily WOD’s to train with his engine company at work.  He was hooked! In November 2009, he obtained his CrossFit Level 1 certification and by Jan of 2010, started the non-profit affiliate, Highlands Fire CrossFit.  About the same time he joined CrossFit Flagstaff and began working as a trainer there shortly after. Since his discovery of CrossFit, he has obtained several certifications and attended several other courses as listed below:

CrossFit Specific Certifications

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor/ Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification
  • CrossFit Level 1 (second time) w/ completion of exam to earn the distinction of CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification with Kelly Starett
  • CrossFit Kids Coaching Certification
  • Coaches Prep Course
  • CrossFit Running Trainer Course and Pose Coach with Nicholas Ramanov

Other seminars, certifications, education

  • Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science
  • Countless Leadership/Management and skill related fire classes
  • Held Peer Fitness Trainer through IAFF/IAFC/ACE for 6 years
  • Freestyle Connection/Gymnastics Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli
  • Business of Excellence Seminar with Ben Bergeron
  • Powerlifting Seminar with Jesse Ward and his crew
  • Olympic Lifting with Strength Specific Seminars
  • Strength Summit at EVCF (Powerlifting/Oly Lifting/Strongman)
  • Several mobility workshops
  • Countless hours on the CrossFit Journal, other CrossFit Affiliate and HQ pages, Mobility WOD as well as many other reputable Oly lifting/Powerlifting/Nutrition/Fitness websites to constantly improve his knowledge and coaching abilities

In 2010 Todd competed in the San Diego/Arizona Sectionals held in San Diego (it was held at a CrossFit box in a shopping center and the parking lot of the shopping center, not what you see with the CF Games of today!). Later that year he competed with a team at the Regionals level. He has coached individual athletes and teams for local competitions and various levels of the CF Games as well (not the Finals…yet). He has also developed many programs for specific sport and occupational athletes.

Todd enjoys being an active and supportive father to his twins, Levi and Elizabeth. Especially so in their athletic endeavors. Whether it be coaching them in various sports when they were younger, or currently with advice in competition mindset, overcoming injuries and set-backs, off-season training, CrossFit, etc. as they have grown into young adults now. He loves what CrossFit can do for people. He enjoys working with athletes of various capacities, helping them obtain their health and fitness goals at whatever level that may be. Seeing those athletes succeed in reaching their goals has been especially rewarding. He looks forward to building a great community where there is healthy competition; respect, integrity, virtuosity, and most importantly…have fun doing it!!!