"Davison" (1/10/15)

Today at both CrossFit Vert and CrossFit Flagstaff we do a work out to honor a friend, Lance Davison. To those outside the CrossFit community it may seem insignificant, to those inside it may seem overdone. It isn't. It reminds us that no matter how hard life gets, we have community around us. Supporting us. Don't lose sight of that today. It reminds us to honor those we lost every day in our actions: whether they are deliberate in a work out or if it's the way we talk to a stranger. Today is going to be very hard. I miss Lance more than the world but he reminds me to stay strong and has always made me want to be a better person. In a quick side note PTSD, depression, etc. are real problems and they are important. Do what you can to research and help others who may be struggling. We love you, Lance.

- Liz Miller

WOD Whiteboard: 01/10/2015


3 Rds. 
1 Squat Clean 205# M/140#W
8 Deficit HSPU (hands on 45# plates M/ 25# plates W)
79 Double Unders

*2 min rest*

3 Rds.
2 Muscle Ups
9 Back Squats 205#M /140#W (no racks)
14 Cal. Row

*2 min rest*

3 min to find 1 RM Bench Press

Posted on January 10, 2015 .