Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat: 10 Easy Ways.

To safely lose belly fat just in a week, you will need to change your lifestyle. You will need to be more active, maintain low-stress levels, nutritious diet, and include weight training. Unfortunately, there is no overnight way someone can lose his or her sagging belly fat. There is no quick-fix solution if someone wants to lose it in natural and a healthy way. You can achieve the goal of having a flat belly with effective strategies. 

Best ways to lose belly fat

Apart from trying to have a flat tummy, maintaining health rates of subcutaneous & visceral fat is said to be beneficial to our health, thus lowering the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other serious conditions. Here are some tips to help you conquer that frustrating sagging fat abdomen. 

  • Smart dieting

Whenever fat burning is required, a caloric deficit is a major step to take. This means your calorie intake should be less than the calorie you burned daily. Try to burn extra calories out than you intake. Therefore, it is essential to diet smartly by reducing your food consumption, especially the refined carbs, high Trans -foods, highly processed, etc. 

Foods that help lose belly fat

  • Fiber-rich foods

Fiber is said to promote weight loss and management by curbing your appetite. Consumed the food rich in fiber, including prunes, oats, almonds, broccoli, berries, green beans, and Brussel sprouts. Besides, eating vegetables and fruits rich in fiber is a big percent linked to belly fat and overall weight loss.

  • Whole grains

To control and reduce that excess belly fat, people should stop consuming big amounts of refined grains like white rice and white bread. Instead, have a rich diet in whole grains including barley, wheat, brown rice, rye, and oats.

  • High–protein foods

Proteins are beneficial foods when it comes to fighting excess fat in the body. Foods like turkey, legumes, whole eggs, dairy products, chicken, and nuts are the best sources of healthy proteins to keep someone full. The other way protein works to fight abdominal fat is taking more energy for the body to typical digest, which results in body fat being burned. 

  • Water

Drink water when trying to fight belly fat to eventually boost the metabolism. Losing weight with inactive metabolism may not even give you any results. If you don’t like plain water, lemon water can be utilized to add some flavor and replace the sugary drinks.

what to eat to lose belly fat

High-calorie bars should be completely avoided because many are high in fat, and sugar, and low in nutrients. Even the protein bars and granola bars may contain high calorie-dense and sugar. To make things easier, you can use the medical nutrition facts to label the exact amount of sugar and fat in the products you are intending to consume. 

  • Fast foods

Fast foods are linked to less weight loss maintenance and weight gain. This is because of poor nutrition and larger portion sizes. Avoid foods like fried chicken, and pizza, because they will feed your body with more calories improving your belly fat condition.

  • Sugar-sweetened drinks

High consumption of popular beverages such as sports drinks, soft drinks, and sodas may significantly lower your chances of achieving a flat tummy. These beverages have excess sugar and may sometimes be high in calories.

  • Sugary products and refined grain

Graham wafers, cornflakes, doughnuts, and bagels should not be your diet for those seven days. These foods are rich in glycemic index. They may raise your blood sugar condition and that is closely linked to fat storage. Also, food that contains more sugar may increase your appetite leading to more calorie addition.

  • Processed meat

When you consumed more processed food, you will be adding more calories and saturated fat to the body. This significantly contributes to abdominal fat. Overall, limit intake of this kind of meat including ham, smoked pork, bacon, sausages, etc.

  • Alcohol

There are several studies that have linked excess alcohol consumption with an increase in abdominal fat and overall body weight.  Beer is processed with a high amount of carbs and calories. This may lead to more weight gain and may result in more belly fat.

Best exercise to lose belly fat

According to experts choose the exercises which tend to engage your full body. Building muscles can increase the chances of someone having a flat tummy. Having more muscle mass in big percentage can increases the number of calories someone can burn in a day.

Overall, a mix of aerobic and resistance training would greatly work to aid someone to have a flat belly. Lateral crawls, burpees, squats to the overhead raise, sprinter pulls, and push-ups are among the top workouts rated to help you melt belly fat in the shortest duration of time.

 In addition, there are other simple abdominal workouts that you include in your everyday routine to complete the day. The abdominal exercises decrease the fat amount and strengthen someone’s core, which results in fat melting. Below are simple aerobic workouts that target more calories:

  • Aerobics class

This includes Zumba and combat, and they are great options for you to lose belly fat. These workouts are mostly performed in groups to encourage the participants and do them correctly.

  • Cycling

This is another workout that can promote belly fat because it improves over resistance strength and builds muscle.

  • Swimming

Swimming improves someone’s physical condition alongside strengthening your body muscles. Overall, this helps to melt fat faster.

  • Speed walking

When speed in walking is quicker, and consist can promote fat melting by boosting the metabolism. To make this possible, consider walking for around 30 or 40 minutes at a speed rate and consistently.

  • Jumping the rope

This exercise is believed to be a complete one. It stimulates someone’s muscles and helps improve respiratory systems, and cardiovascular. This results in calorie and fat-burning benefits.

Final thought

When you are trying to melt belly fat, remember that your results will not be instantaneous, but consistency is the key. Overall, when you combine the above healthy dieting exercises, they are effective for your journey of melting fat. When possible, other factors you can include in your daily routine include intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast, drinking more water, and having enough sleep.

Deborah Jones
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