Do You Possibly Lose Weight If You Scratch Yourself?

Having a higher body mass index with loads of fat chunks on your body can feel debilitating. Remarkably, losing weight isn’t a mere walk in the park since it may require time and energy to drop the extra pounds.

One technique and idea that might cross your mind can be losing weight by scratching yourself, but does it work?

You won’t lose weight scratching yourself. Scratching your body isn’t a practical way to lose weight; neither has any scientific backing that it works. However, you can resort to more orthodox methods of losing weight, including dieting, exercising, and intermittent fasting. 

If you have doubts or are unsure whether or not scratching yourself might help you lose weight, this article will shed some light. 

Losing Weight from Scratch or By Scratching: Which Works?

If you’ve ever wondered if scratching your body may lead to weight loss, you should understand that it may not work. Scratching your body means removing invaders on your skin that might be irritating.

Since your skin is your first line of defense, you may do it often if these invaders patch on it more frequently. You won’t lose weight by scratching your body as it does not impact your body fat. 

You can, however, lose weight the other way around – from scratch. That means starting your weight loss journey from the very first step of deciding to drop some extra weight to celebrating your weight loss results.

The process takes time and requires consistency and persistence, but the results are usually worth the hassle. Losing weight from scratch works, but trying to drop some extra pounds by scratching won’t possibly work. 

How Can You Lose Weight from Scratch?

Losing weight from scratch may require making up your mind and preparing yourself psychologically. The weight loss journey can be demanding, and you may have to twitch your schedule to accommodate workout routines slightly.

Your diet patterns will have to change if you choose that path. Moreover, you may have to create a plan that’ll allow you to lose weight healthily. 

Proper research should build up your decision to lose weight. You’ll need all information that enables you to lose weight healthily and naturally at your disposal.

Much of what you’ll need to do includes identifying the most practical weight loss techniques that work for you and that you’re comfortable with. Besides, it’d help to know how they work and how quickly they facilitate weight loss. 

The Best Weight Loss Alternative to Scratching Losing Weight Scratching

Losing weight by scratching may, unfortunately, not yield any results. However, you can still apply other more practical ways to lose weight if your mind is already set up. The best and proven methods for losing weight are as follows:

Dieting and Altering Your Diet

Please be informed that dieting and altering your diet don’t mean the same thing. However, these dieting outcomes are similar; both help you lose weight. 

Altering your diet means changing what you’re used to taking that might perhaps have caused weight gain in the past. Artificially sweetened drinks, including soda and other fizzy drinks, contain empty calories that barely help you.

Fast and highly processed foods, including pizza and burger treats, are calorie-dense and have unhealthy fats that cause weight gain. 

On the other hand, dieting involves taking specific foods that facilitate weight loss. These diets are primarily fat-deprived; some might tailor recipes to include plant products with fat-burning properties.

Some of the typical weight loss diets include the following:

Keto diet – This diet restricts fat and carbs intake, and the food mainly involves consuming proteins. 

Low-carb diet – This diet limits the daily carb intake to only 20-159 grams, cutting down on calorie intake. 

The Atkins diet – This diet is low-carb but allows the intake of as much protein as you like.

The ultra-low fat diet – This diet cuts down fat calorie intake to only 10% with a limited intake of animal products and primarily plant-based food. 

The vegan diet – This diet restricts animal products for health and ethical reasons. People’s vegan diets believe that taking meat and animal products oppresses them. 

The Dukan diet – This diet restricts the intake of plenty of proteins and compulsory oat bran. It’s more or less like keto diets but typically split into weight loss and maintenance phases. 

The Paleo diet – The diet taken is similar to what ancestors used to eat before the development of Agriculture. The diet incorporates lean protein, whole foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. 

These diets contribute to weight loss, although they can be incredibly restrictive. Closely following them should guarantee weight loss, however. 


Exercising is an impeccable weight loss method that works more efficiently if you properly hit your fat storage. While your body may store fat all over it, it primarily concentrates around the belly and chest. Some of the best weight loss exercises include the following:

Planks – Daily two-minute planks can overwhelmingly burn your belly fat and general body fat. Planks can be a bit challenging initially, but you should get used to them more in the long haul. 

Cardiovascular exercises – Any activity that raises your heart rate helps burn calories and facilitates weight loss. Such activities include brisk walking, jumping rope, swimming, and jogging. They don’t have to be intensive but low-intensity to moderate. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – These exercises are grouped into cardio exercises and alternate intensive activities with rest phases. They improve your cardiovascular health while enabling weight loss in the long run. 

Strength training – These exercises are intensive and might require you to lift weights and use resistant bands. These exercises help you lose weight while building muscle, making them more effective in giving you a healthy and properly functioning body. 

Yoga – Yoga is a leisure workout that is low-impact and can also help you lose weight. This exercise also helps maintain a balanced body and mind connection, enabling you to keep a sane mind long-term. 

These exercises can help you lose weight, although at varied timelines. High-intensity workouts can be quicker in yielding results, but staying resilient with the other weight loss exercises should sculpt your body into how you want it. 


Adequate sleep reverses the impact of cortisol that may impede your weight loss effort. Lack of sufficient sleep causes more stress, producing more cortisol. This hormone promotes fat storage and leads to weight gain.

Sleeping also help reduces your urge to snack on unhealthy foods, including fast foods and sweetened beverages. 

It’s also a proven fact that sleep also helps improve your energy levels, enabling you to take on weight loss activities more actively. That helps burn fat and calories, facilitating weight loss.

It also affects the hormones that regulate your appetite. Ghrelin, a hunger-causing hormone, may spike if you fail to get adequate sleep. That means you’ll likely munch on sweetened drinks and fast foods, contributing to weight gain. 

Drinking Sufficient Water

Water contains empty calories and helps you feel full. You can drink water before meals to help reduce your food and calorie intake. Moreover, water helps suppress your appetite, keeps you hydrated, and your metabolism may speed up. Taking at least eight glasses of water daily should facilitate weight loss. 


You may not lose weight by scratching your body, but several weight-loss methods can help. Exercise, dieting, adequate sleep, and drinking plenty of water can all be ideal alternatives. Remember, sustainable weight loss takes time and effort. Focusing on making long-term lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes or fad diets is essential. Before starting any weight loss program, please consult a healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for you.

Deborah Jones
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