Can You Lose Weight By Gaming: 10 Effective Strategies.

Losing weight is not easy. Can you lose weight by gaming? Gaming has been associated with weight loss for a while. It could be a more indulging and fun way of losing weight if it works. While there might be so much fuss around it, whether someone can lose weight by gaming.

You can lose weight with gaming if you take on the more active varieties, including Virtual reality (VR). Playing video games can also help you burn many calories per session. You might register a considerable weight change if you constantly play video games in the long run.

This article sheds some light on whether or not you can lose weight when playing video games.

Defining Video Games for Weight Loss

Video games involve long sitting hours and engaging your body and mind in front of your computer or gaming console. A typical game will have an ergonomic gaming chair, keyboard, or play pad and a device that visually displays the game’s graphics.

While most gamers indulge in video games without aiming to lose weight, a few may do, which is a fun and more interactive way to lose weight.

More active games, including VR and Exergaming, can significantly contribute to your weight loss goals. Contrary to popular belief, gaming isn’t associated with passive activity, even though it takes sitting for long hours without moving much. 

Can You Lose Weight While Gaming?

You can lose weight while gaming since it’s an activity that engages your body and may involve lots of movement. The tension and pressure, especially when playing fast-paced games, can significantly increase your heart rate, and your body metabolism may increase slightly.

That means you’re more likely to burn body fat if you engage in more thrilling on-screen gaming. Regardless, numerous other gaming options burn more weight and include the following:

  • Exergaming 

Exergaming or exercise gaming is a form of gaming that involves physical activity. Games that require players to move their bodies, such as dance games or sports simulations, not only burn calories but also provide a fun way to stay active. Research has shown that exergaming can be just as effective as traditional exercise regarding weight loss and cardiovascular health. Virtual reality 

  • Virtual reality

games can be incredibly physically demanding, requiring players to move their entire bodies to perform actions. For example, a VR game might require players to swing a virtual sword or climb a virtual mountain. These movements can burn many calories, making VR gaming a potentially effective weight loss tool.

While the two gaming options above define some of the best video gaming types that may help you lose weight, others still get you more hands-on and involved. Augmented reality (AR) might offer more activity and fat-burning prospects, although it’s not so common since it’s relatively new. 

  • Gaming As a Replacement for Unhealthy Eating Habits

Gaming can replace your unhealthy eating habits that cause weight gain. You could play a game on your phone or console instead of reaching for a bag of chips while watching TV.

That can provide a possible distraction and be more engaging than mindlessly snacking. Moreover, some games can help you make healthier food choices as well. Most games have a strategy or resource management elements that can be applied to meal planning and preparation. 

A game that requires players to manage a virtual farm or restaurant can help teach players about the importance of fresh ingredients and portion control.

It’s important to note that gaming should not be used as a replacement for healthy eating habits. While it can be a helpful tool for curbing unhealthy snacking, ensuring you’re still getting the nutrients your body needs to function correctly is essential.

Best Practices That Make Your Gaming Weight Loss Strategy More Effective

While gaming can be a fun way to spend your day, you can leverage their fat-burning capacities to reduce your weight. You should know that playing games without making them a proper weight loss strategy might only yield minimum results.

It helps to do more than play video games for fun if you want to lose weight quickly. Here are the best practices to incorporate into your gaming weight-loss strategy:

  • Opt for the fair games

VR and Exergaming are ideal for losing weight since they make you hyperactive and more engaged. More involving games with similar weight loss impacts include dance games and sports simulations. 

  • Set clear weight loss goals

You may take on your favorite games to have fun with the thought of losing weight at the back of your mind. However, you may lose weight quicker and more efficiently if you set your goals and plan how long it should take to shrink your body fat. You can also track activity and note your progress by measuring the scale frequently. 

  • Avoid snacking while gaming

You may be tempted to snack on Cheetos and chips. That might only impede your weight loss effort and can be equivalent to taking a step forward and two backward. Snacks increase your daily calorie count, and your body will store it as fat, contributing to stalled weight loss progress. 

  • Stay hydrated

While gaming, it always helps to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will keep your stomach full, and you won’t have to battle cravings and thoughts of eating. Therefore, keep your water bottle handy and at a hand stretch, reaching out quickly without struggling. 

  • Combine gaming with moderate activity

You can pause your video game for a while and take a short break. While at it, you can incorporate a few aerobic exercises, including sit-ups, press-ups, and planks. Moderate activities can add more speed to your metabolism and may help you burn body fat quickly. 

  • Stay more consistent

Gaming daily may not be recommended, but you should make it a routine to achieve consistency. Especially so, you should try gaming for at least three to four days. Maintaining consistency can go a long way, and you’ll burn more fat in the long haul. 

They Don’t Know When to Lose Weight by Gaming 

When gaming, you might ignore a few essential things that might only make your quest for weight loss a wild goose chase. While it’s ideal for incorporating the best strategies, avoiding poor and compromising habits is equally essential. Here are the don’ts you should know about when gaming to lose weight:

  • Don’t neglect proper nutrition

Neglecting good food may compromise your effort. Remember, your body needs its regular nutrient supply to improve itself, so it helps ensure you include each nutrient. 

  • Don’t overdo it

Most games get lost in fun and overdo their gaming, which can be detrimental. If possible, try taking short breaks for a breather.

  • Don’t solely on video games to lose weight

Video games might be a practical way to help you lose weight. However, try incorporating other mild exercises to build yourself better.


You can lose weight with gaming as opposed to common belief. Gaming isn’t usually all about staying sedentary and stationary all day. Some games, including VR and AR, offer an immersive, real-life gaming experience with a lifelike thrill and activity. Moreover, understanding the dos and don’ts when using gaming as a weight loss strategy can go a long way. 

Deborah Jones
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