How To Lose Weight While On Birth Control Injection: 5 Easy Hacks.

Learning how to lose weight while on birth control injection can be very challenging and is no easy feat. In fact, most individuals perceive it as adding weight to the scale. As hard as it is, losing weight while on a birth control injection is actually not entirely impossible.

The first thing you need to know is that gaining weight while on the birth control injection is totally normal. If you’re struggling with weight loss while on a birth control injection, then the good news is that you’ve landed on a viable and credible solution. Below is a comprehensive outline of or going about this.

What hormone in birth control makes you gain weight?

An important thing to note is that all hormonal birth control methods increase the progesterone levels in your bloodstream. This includes even those injections with estrogen in them. Similarly, progesterone fluctuations can lead to weight gain and bloating days before your periods, and so does the hormone in the injection. 

According to Doctor Andrea Alexander of the FACOG, progesterone has been identified to cause some issues with the body’s retention capabilities. Dr. Alexandria continues to add that the hormone can also stimulate the part of the brain responsible for digestion and hunger control.

if you’ve noticed that you’ve been having cravings during your period or immediately after you’ve been put under birth control injection, it’s progesterone at work. 

The doctor also adds that even with all that said, it doesn’t mean that gaining weight is impossible or inevitable.  She also says that birth control injections affect people’s bodies differently.

Depending on the injection, they’ve settled for, some may experience rapid weight gain while others may experience little to minute weight gain. Just know that short-acting birth control methods like pills are less likely to cause weight gain. But injections like the Dipo-Provera or the IUD are capable of significant weight gain. 

How to lose hormonal weight gain from birth control?

Now that you have a glimpse of how birth control injection can cause weight gain, below is an outline of some insights that can help you drop those pounds, maintain a leaner body and restore your confidence. 

  • Slowing Down on the Calories 

If you suspect that the primary cause of your weight gain while on the injection stems from metabolism, then immediately reduce your level daily caloric intake. Ideally, just ensure your daily caloric intake exceeds your daily expenditure.

Note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that reducing your daily caloric intake by eating less will yield that significant results. Just consider it a stepping stone to losing weight while on the injection. 

A credible solution would be to eat healthy foods that make you feel full. One more thing, these foods shouldn’t contain sugar or fats in excessive amounts. These two components can make you think you’re hungry when you’re not. Also, avoid calories in sodas and other drinks. In simple terms, just steer clear of consuming such drinks as they are potential nutritional hazards.

  • Healthy Balanced diet

As an individual who desires to lose contraception weight, it’s imperative you know the right healthy foods to consume. But what are these healthy foods that are part of a healthy diet? 

If you have a crunch and a sweet tooth to satisfy, then consider reaching out for vegetables and fruits, respectively. That’s because they happen to be lower calories compared to the common processed snacks.

For example, red hot peppers contain a compound commonly known as capsaicinoid. According to scientific research, this compound has been found to help lose weight as it can be of great weight loss help while on the birth control injection.

As for protein, ensure your diet doesn’t scream “red meat.” Instead, go for leaner meat. Excellent alternatives worth considering are chicken and fish. To make your diet more interesting yet healthy weight-loss-wise, you can microwave your popcorn. Just ensure they aren’t covered in butter. 

  • Green tea Extract for Weight Loss Purposes

Green tea extract is great for boosting the body’s metabolism overall. This deduction is According to Scientific Research. However, the evidence isn’t conclusive in establishing the link between the tea extract and weight loss. But according to, those who’ve consumed it for weight loss purposes claim it helps melt excess body fat.

  • Regular Physical Exercise

Rating alone can’t help you shed those dreaded extra pounds. But pairing it up with regular physical exercise can yield tremendous results beyond your expectations. To get the most out of regular exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Consider doing exercise in the early mornings before taking your breakfast. A certain study found that consuming carbs before commencing your physical regimen can reduce your body’s effectiveness in burning fat faster. Remember also that diets highly rich in fat can also hinder weight loss through physical exercise.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Eating and Get Enough Sleep

One important thing you should know about eating is to eat only when you’re hungry. Avoid eating to satisfy your emotional needs. More importantly, don’t restrict yourself very much so that you’ll eventually give in to emotional cravings.

Note that it’s possible to mistake thirst for hunger. That’s why you must always stay hydrated to avoid such an issue. All in all, don’t eat when you should be drinking water. 

Sleep is a fundamental requirement for any animal, and the same is true for humans. Getting a full night’s sleep doesn’t necessarily mean your metabolism will improve significantly. However, lack of enough sleep can also cause your metabolism to slow down tremendously. 

The ideal amount of sleep you need for optimal body functions should be 6 or 7 hours. Sleeping past this duration can cause you to struggle with decision-making regarding the ideal exercise and diet to lose weight. Also, lack of enough sleep may make you grumpy upon waking up.

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Bottom Line 

Gaining weight while on a birth control injection might be relatively easy. However, dropping those pounds may be a challenging ordeal. As previously mentioned, your body will respond differently to the type of injection for birth control you’re under. 

Note that some of these injections can cause irreparable weight gain damage. You should have in-depth information about the possible effects these injections can have on your body from your healthcare provider. Generally, the information in this article should suffice to help you achieve that leaner body. 

Deborah Jones
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