Can A Cavity Go Away With Brushing: 5 Healthy tips.

The question is, can a cavity go away with brushing? According to a recent CDC report, at least 17% of all children between 5 to 19 suffer from cavities and go untreated. These cavity issues grow and become a menace in the future.

Cavities can also be referred to as dental caries. They come from untreated tooth decay and may result in tooth loss if nothing is done about it. They form whole in your teeth that go to the root. 

The good news is cavities have a cure. They can be treated and healed naturally. They, however, will not just go without a fight. You must strive to attain excellent dental hygiene, and they will heal on their own.

Bacteria cause cavities. If you focus on fighting these bacteria through oral hygiene, you win the war. What better way to fight cavities than through proper brushing?

Can I brush away cavity

Before we show you whether regular brushing can help eliminate tooth cavities, it is essential to understand how cavities form. 

Tooth decay and subsequent cavities form as a result of untreated cavities. They form because of exposure to acidic properties and foods. Increased oral bacteria lead to tooth decay and eventually cause loss of teeth. Tooth decay happens in five stages.

  • Demineralization

This is the first stage that happens when tooth decay’s enamel is exposed to acids. The bacteria come because of bacteria interacting with sugars and starches. 

  • Enamel decay

The second stage comes when enamel causes a tooth to break down. At this point, some holes form in your teeth and cause enamel decay.

  • Dentin decay

As the tooth decay process becomes worse, the third stage reaches the dentin level. Here, the tooth’s soft tissue is touched. This is the tissue below the enamel. It is quickly eaten away. It is at this point you start feeling pain. 

  • Pulp decay.

The pulp decay stage is the final and significant stage of tooth decay. Here, the cavity has reached the pulp. The pulp contains nerves, and that is why the pain is unbearable. It is the tooth nerve and blood vessels’ location. This is the leading cause of bleeding and painful teeth. Inflammation becomes extreme at this stage due to severe exposure.

  • Abscesses

This is even a worse scenario which is arrived at if nothing is yet to be done by now. At this point, the bacteria in the cavity is spread beneath the pup. It forms a pocket of pus. Abscesses may go unnoticed in some areas, but the pain is unbearable. The only treatment at this point is teeth removal. 

Can cavities go away by brushing your teeth?

Brushing is the primary dental hygiene practice. It is possible to treat your dental cavity issues before reaching the top levels through appropriate brushing. Brushings help prevent gum disease, and failure to brush your teeth may arouse gum disease on the other end. 

Whenever you brush your teeth, you remove plaque buildup. Choose the right toothbrush size for adequate size. You can start with a small size that fits your mouth well. The brush should give you sufficient room to reach all areas across your mouth.

Do not brush too hard otherwise; the bristles are quick to fray. Continuous brush across two to three months consistently will have a significant impact. Use an ADA toothpaste with the right amount of fluoride content. 

Benefits of Brushing

Other than treating cavities, here is why brushing is essential. 

  • To prevent toothache

By keeping your teeth clean, you eradicate the causes of tooth decay, especially keeping oral bacteria at bay. You eliminate tooth decay and anything associated with toothache. Strong and healthy teeth require little or no treatment.

Toothache results from broken enamel due to increased acidity exposure or higher stages of tooth decay. Your choice of toothbrush is another way to prevent gum disease. It leads to increased mouth infections and other oral ailments that come along. 

  • Saves you money

Dental treatment can be costly. It is essential to keep your mouth in good shape. Tooth filling, root canal, washing, and other related dental charges can be expensive unless you have good insurance and health care.

The best thing is that these are avoidable costs. Dental costs can be avoided by regular brushing. You do not have to go through various doctor appointments, which you cannot miss due to painful teeth. Clean your teeth and enjoy your money and your health. 

  • To freshen up

Clean teeth give you a fresh smell. Everyone loves a great smell and minty taste from the mouth; it gives you confidence when speaking to people in a closed group. Some people only brush their teeth when going to appear in public.

They do not want to produce a foul smell. In the process, your gum and teeth benefit. Brush your teeth every morning as you head to a business meeting and see different people. Good mouth smell gives you double confidence. Relax and clean your teeth in the evening to remove any attachments made during the day. 

  • To enable a sparkling smile

Clean and gleaming teeth give a confident smile. Consequently, teeth do not have to be pure white to be clean. They need o to be clean. Teeth whitening is an expensive process that has no connection to dental hygiene.

You could have a creamy dental formula but maintain fresh minty breath-form clean teeth. Brush your teeth, and everyone will want to come close to where you are. 

  • Inspire a positive mindset

You reap a lot from proper tooth care. You get to feel good about yourself. Tooth care inspires a happy and fulfilling life. 

  • Brushing Eliminates Cavities

Brushing your teeth is important to taking care of your dental formula and stopping the spread of dental cavities. Brushing can help stop tooth cavities. Here is how.

When you brush your teeth at least twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, you stop the buildup of plaque. You get to control the early damage of enamel at its earliest stage. 

Brushing increases the fluoride content in the mouth. Fluoride helps eliminate oral bacteria responsible for causing cavities. Brushing after meals is necessary when using ADA-approved toothpaste. In addition, you could result in fluoride treatment for home use if the cavities have expanded.

Regular brushing helps clean up acidic properties from sugars or starchy foods. Some of these foods result in tooth decay. Brushing cleanses the acid and gives your teeth a refreshing feel. 


Though regular brushing can help prevent the spread of cavities, it is not a treatment for cavities. Visit a dentist if you notice cavities and start a dental protection journey that will involve regular brushing. On its own, it might not help eliminate cavities. A cavity may seem small, but extend on the side you can see clearly. Dentists use dental tools to observe the entire tooth closely.

Deborah Jones
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