How to Lose Abdominal Fat Quickly: 7 Tips For Better Results.

Imagine you receive a sudden call that you should attend your friend’s or a family wedding or any other special event. You think of wearing your figure-hugging or favorite saree dress or for males you think of wearing your skinny suit. However, worried about your sagging, or how flabby your stomach might look. Whatever the case, abdomen fat is not pleasing to live with and also adds to health issues. In today’s article, you will learn some ways how to lose abdominal fat quickly.

  • Practice abdominal muscles workout

Practicing abdominal workouts will help build and strengthen your abdominal area. It will help improve your stomach area.

       Bicycle crunches

With your legs stretched, lie on your back and rest your arms by your side. Ensure you are comfortable. Now put the hand behind the head without interlocking them and try lifting the upper back and shoulders off the exercising ground. Bend the left knee bringing it towards the chest while you move the right elbow towards the center. At this point, the elbow and knees should meet right at the center. Pause while you take your hand and leg to where you started. Repeat the exercise with the left knee and elbow.


Just lie on the back while you extend the arms right behind your head. The feet should be together while the toes pointed. Next, keep the legs straight and lift them and raise the upper body of your exercising ground while at the same time. Keeping the core tight, make an effort to reach your toes, and finish by lowering your body to return to the starting position.

       Bear Crawl

 Begin by coming on both fours. The hips must be straight in line with the knees while the hands below the shoulders. Gently, lift the knees above the floor, ensuring your back is flat, the legs hip-width parts while arms shoulder-width apart. Next, move the right hand and your left leg forward. And do perform the same exercise with other hands and legs. While you repeat the moves, alternate the sides.


It is simply lying down on the back with knees bent and then feet placed on the floor. Next, place both hands right behind the head and don’t pull the neck. Lift the upper body of your exercising floor towards the knees, and don’t forget to breathe out. Hold on for around 3 to 2 seconds and slowly lower your body down, returning to the starting point.

           Flutter kicks

Gently lie on the back while the hands underneath the buttocks and legs together. Lift the right leg on the floor past hip height.   Lift your leg for a few inches of your floor with your back on the ground. Hold this position for around five seconds and switch legs, making the flutter kick motion. To simply make this workout more challenging, just lift the neck and head off the ground. 

  • Focus on the low-calorie foods

This is among the working ways to fight belly fat and even the overall body. Eating fewer calories than what your body uses creates a calorie deficit. And this helps to burn excess subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Besides, the low calories foods are even more nutritious compared to the high-calorie foods. For example, eating foods like French fries, processed foods, and baked foods, among others, cannot create a calorie deficit; instead, replace this food with vegetables, fruits, whole-grain foods, and fruits.

  • Eat more fiber

Foods with high fiber like lentils, chickpeas, and bananas will make you fuller longer. This type of food is rick insoluble fiber which slows down the passage of food from your stomach to the intestine via forming a gummy gel and dissolving in water. When you are full for long, you beat overeating which leads to more fat stored in the body.

  • Limit high calorie and added sugar beverages

Too much sugar is linked with excess fat likely accumulating around the abdomen and waist. Drinking too much fruit juice and eating sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to fat storage.

  • Limit calorie

There is research that shows that heavy drinking contributes to more abdominal fat compared to casual or social drinkers.   Excess calories increase the calories and can also lower someone’s inhibitions. Probably you like alcohol cut down to one bottle a day if possible or even have no alcohol because you are trying to fight belly fat quickly.

  • Keep moving

The physical moving aids burn the abdominal fat. Therefore, consider taking stairs rather than lift,  run in the morning or evening when possible,  while on phone calls move around, among other moves you can have while in your day-to-day activities. Moving more tends to reduce the circulating rates of insulin, and this, in turn, signals your body to actively stop storing fat. This leads the liver to start using the fatty acids and more visceral fat deposits. The amount of workouts you should do per day depends on someone’s goals.

  • Drink water

Water is essential when trying to burn fight. Adequate water will flush away harmful toxins, which benefits the body by having flat abdomen fat and glowing skin. You don’t have to drink gallons of water every day. You can mix water with BCAAs and drink other weight loss drinks such as anti-oxidants, green teas, fruit juice, and fresh vegetable. This helps with your fluid intake, keeps you hydrated, and also provides flavor to your drinks.

  • Say no more to stress.

Anxiety and stress might lead to the over-production of cortisol hormone that encourages fat storage in the belly area. Therefore,  try and keep calm for successful results. 

  • Choose healthy carbs

Instead of eating pasta, white bread, crackers, and chips, processed carbs with little fiber may spike your sugar rates. High sugar can never allow you to lose belly fat as they contain too many calories. In this case, opt for the complex carbs such as pasta & bread, whole grain, beans, and brown rice, among others.


By learning how to lose abdominal fat quickly with effective and right tips, you can fight that abdominal fat that makes you not wear your favorite clothes.   It might be a slow process to burn abdominal fat when only targeting tips to lose the whole body weight. And that is why it is essential to have practical suggestions that specifically target the fat in the abdominal fat. And this way, the process will be quick and successful.  

Deborah Jones
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