How To lose 20 pounds In A Month Fast?

To lose 20 lbs just in seven days doesn’t only require a strict diet, workout but also patience.  Overall, you need to include the proven strategies which can significantly expedite and make it more manageable to lose this amount of weight.

how can i lose 20 pounds in a month

The experts suggest that a steady and slow weight loss journey is more sustainable compared to dropping a big amount in just a short period of time. 

But despite that, weight loss is influenced by different factors in different people, so losing 20 lbs in seven days may be challenging for many people. And unless someone is on a medically prescribed plan, this specific weight loss rate is said to be unsafe to achieve. 

However in some cases, a professional may advise losing such amount of weight, especially if your obese condition is risking to contacting other serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. 

 Otherwise, when focusing to lose 20 pounds in this specific short time, ensure you will be under the doctor’s eye. Up to this point, here are useful and effective strategies that can help you burn that excess fat in the body to achieve a 20-pound weight.

Many people fail to achieve their goals of weight loss simply because they are not even ready for it. Whenever you decide to shed any amount of weight, know that the process will require your effort, time, and sacrifice for some time. [Read: How Many Calories Should You Eat To Lose More Weight?]

Again you should be ready on making permanent lifestyle changes and have a long-term commitment. In any case, you should not be under any pressure at all, secondly, get motivated towards your weight loss goals, have time for exercising, willing to have different daily habits, and have eating habits.

 Further, you should be ready to receive advice and support from weight loss professionals or friends who have achieved it before for more effective results.

How to lose 20 pounds In one month

  • Count Calories

Counting calories is the most effective method someone can use to lose this amount of weight from the body. Besides, the only way an individual can lose weight is by using more and more calories a day after another than you store them. And you achieve this by reducing your calories number in dieting or preferably by increasing safe physical activities to burn calories.

An additional tip on body calories is counting the calories. This tip is effective, especially when you pair it with other weight loss-safe activities. there is this review that showed that weight programs that included calorie counting participants gained greater results than those who did not.

  • Commit yourself by being real

Being real in weight loss is very important. For example, you are aiming to lose 2 to 3 lbs a week, then you should burn 1000 to 1500 calories daily. Overall, you need to set a realistic amount of the weight you are focusing on losing for a specific duration. 

  • Ensure your carbs are very low

This will speed up your weight loss. The fiber content in refined carbs is stripped off when they are being processed, which results in them having few nutrients. Additionally, refined carbs are rich in more glycemic index, meaning they quickly get digested and also absorbed into the human bloodstream compared to other foods. 

Unfortunately, quicker digestion tends to lead to blood sugar getting spiked following overeating. Just aim to reduce refined food intake with healthy whole grains for optimal results. Consume low-fat foods like quinoa, brown rice, whole bread, and whole wheat.[Related: How Long It Can Take To Lose 50 pounds]

  • Drink more water

With fewer efforts drinking more water can significantly boost someone’s weight loss. Water is believed to bump the metabolism activity and increase calorie burning, which results in enhanced weight loss. 

 A recent study showed that the participants who consumed low-calorie foods alongside more water consumption resulted in around 44 percent of weight loss just in 12 weeks.

 When you consume water, especially before consuming any food makes you full, thus reducing how much food you will eat. Overall, for more effective results, ensure you will drink water after and before taking the meals at least 2 liters every day.

  • Eat proteins

For the longest time, experts have linked proteins with decreased belly fat, active metabolism, and preserved muscle mass. So, this macronutrient is capable of decreasing daily calorie consumption alongside decreasing daily appetite. [Read: 9 Steps To Lose 100 Pounds Fast]

More importantly, you are advised to make proteins for breakfast as they can decrease your ghrelin rates. Ghrelin hormone is the human body to stimulate hunger, and this can give negative feedback on weight loss. Consume lean meat, poultry, legumes, seeds, legumes, nuts, low-fat products they are great proteins.

  • Practice cardio

Adding cardio workouts in your journey to lose weight is a must, especially when focusing on losing 20 lbs in seven days. These are best known aerobic workouts, which increase someone’s heart rate, thus strengthening the heart and lungs. 

Further, the activity burns more calories compared to other activities causing to more fat be burned to lose weight. To speed up your journey, do cardio for 40 or 20 minutes per day, either boxing, walking, running, jumping the rope, rowing, etc. 

Performing aerobic exercises may burn 600 and 400 calories just in 60 to 40 minutes, based on professionals. And when performed five times weekly for around ten months, this kind of exercise may result in achieving 8 to 11 pounds of weight loss.

  • Lifts weights

Lifting weights is also known as resistance training. Basically, this type of exercise includes someone using his or her muscles to typically work over specific force towards building strength and endurance. Fortunately, lifting weights can increase someone’s fat-burning rates and increase their metabolism. 

As a result, you will be in a greater position to burn more calories. Lifting weight exercises can be done at home or at your favorite gym. There is a study that claimed that 95 females participated in resistance workouts, and their muscle mass was preserved, and the metabolism was positively affected.


How you can achieve 20 pounds goal in seven days will generally depend on each individual. Some factors like how active is your metabolism, your age, current weight, hormones, genetics can also affect weight loss. However, your consistency matters a lot and would even fight these factors and help you have greater results. Also, following the above program and tips can contribute to achieving long-run results.

Deborah Jones
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