How To Lose Belly Fat Fast: In 12 effective and healthy steps.

How to lose belly fat fast to maintain a healthier life? Everyone has belly fat, but too much of it can be very harmful to your health. Belly fat is among growing and frustrating to many of us. You try all clothes, but they are tight and unfitting. You need to burn the abdominal fat. Unfortunately, too much abdominal fat is linked with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

how to lose belly fat fast

How to lose belly fat?

To burn more calories and lose belly you need to have a diet in place and a training regimen. Learning how to lose belly fat fast requires patience and sacrifice. to burn fat in this specific area helps improve your sleep quality, and blood vessel function, boost your self-esteem, and many more. If you have been struggling with excess waistline weight, below are the top ways you burn it fast.

  • Make sugary foods your enemy.

When fighting belly fat, always ensure you are on a healthy diet. In this case, reduce your calories by filling up your meals with vegetables, whole grains, and protein and replacing the bad snacks with healthier options. Aim for foods with zero sugar but rich in proteins that help your satiety feeling and reduce sugar cravings.

  • Vitamin C

Stress can have a major impact on weight loss. when someone is under too much stress, it tends to increase the cortisol hormone. Therefore, vitamin C aids in balancing these cortisol spikes. Vitamin C is essential when it comes to making carnitine, an element utilized by our bodies to eventually turn fat to fuel. Vitamin C can be obtained from eating kale, Broccoli, bell pepper, or kiwi fruits. They are rich in vitamin C.

  • Eat more protein

Eating protein when trying to burn belly fat is essential. It can lower your cravings by around 50 percent. Proteins can boost someone’s metabolism by 100 and 80 calories each day. That helps someone to consume fewer calories daily. Increase your protein intake by consuming high protein foods like fish, whole eggs, meat, nuts, legumes, dairy products, and fish. For some of us who might be struggling to get adequate protein from such a diet, you can try drinking protein to supplement the lack of protein intake.

  • Reduces carbs consumption

Consuming a few carbs is one way of losing abdominal fat. When you cut a lot of carbs, your appetite goes down, and you start losing weight. A low-carb diet is linked to faster reductions in water weight, which tends to give people quicker results. A study comparing low fat and low carb diets indicate that low carb reduces fat in the belly and around the liver. In this case, avoid refined carbs such as candy and white bread, most probably when you are in high protein intake.

  • Avoid excessive alcohol

If you consume too much alcohol, it may have an impact on the reason why you are not losing fat around your abdomen. Studies suggest that excessive alcohol is linked to making someone gain fat on his or her belly. Ensure you cut back on the alcohol consumption or even abstain completely for quicker results.

  • Sleep

The body produces more ghrelin hormone when someone is tired. The ghrelin hormone triggers cravings for unhealthy processed foods and sugary drinks. Losing sleep can have an effect on someone’s overall hormone production. An increase in cortisol rates can cause insulin sensitivity. It is best to get around 7-8 hours of sleep, or even more. Especially, when trying to shape your body goals.

  • Move more

Physical activities will aid someone to lose weight, which can also lead to a decrease in belly fat. Exercises tend to work more on the abdominal fat simply because it reduces the circulating rates of insulin. It signals your body to hang on to stored fat leading to the liver starting to use fatty acids.

The specific amount of workouts you require a day may depend on someone’s goals. Expert has suggested for people exercise for at least 30-45 minutes a day. It helps to have moderate to vigorous workouts almost every day. Below is an example of a circuit exercise to help elevate your heart rate and to burn fat.

Mountain climbers

Medicine ball burpees

Russian twists

Rowing machine



  • Try apple cider vinegar in your meals.

Apple cider vinegar is linked to burning excess fat because it contains acetic acids that can reduce abdominal fat. So, taking one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day made led to significant abdominal fat loss.

  • Drink green tea

This tea may work magic on your belly fat-burning journey. It is rich in caffeine and strong antioxidants that appear to significantly boost someone’s metabolism. The EGCG in green tea may aid lose the excess belly fat.

  • Eat probiotic foods

You can consume probiotic foods or even take probiotic supplements because they all have health benefits. These foods aid enhance your immune function and improve gut health. Experts state different bacterias tend to play a role in weight regulation, including losing fat in your belly.

  • Perform resistance training

This type of training includes strength training or weight lifting, and they are essential when it comes to gaining and preserving muscle mass. Overall, these exercises can help reduce belly fat and even the entire weight when combined with aerobic exercise.

  • Avoid trans fats foods.

Trans fat is created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats like soybean oil. This fat is found in many portions of margarine and is often added to packaged foods. Currently, not many food producers are utilizing them because of this rise in overweight.

Unfortunately, these facts are linked to heart diseases, inflammation, abdominal fat gain, and insulin resistance. Therefore avoid trans-fat and read all your ingredient labels.


Achieving your goal of burning that excess fat around in your abdominal area can be a pleasing thing. However, no magic solution than practicing the above tips. Also, it requires some commitment, effort, and perseverance to finally have a flat tummy waistline.

Deborah Jones
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