How To Lose Weight Faster: In 6 Easy steps.

A lot of people want to know How to lose weight faster, especially in this time of the pandemic. Those individuals are striving to lose excess weight to become fit to avoid the risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Losing weight aggressively can backfire in the long run. Ensure to practice scientifically proven ways, whenever you are trying to achieve such a specific goal.

How to lose weight  fast with exercise

When it comes to losing weight, focus to lose about 10% to 5% of your current weight. Set small and achievable targets. Look for health benefits that can faster come even from modest weight loss. As per weight-loss experts, losing 10 to 5 percent of your weight may greatly enhance your health and can lower the risk linked to the unsafe weight loss process.

How To Lose Weight Quick?

When it comes to how to lose weight quickly, Below are some of the steps to practice.

  • Take a walk often

When someone is looking forward to losing some weight, setting a thirty minutes walk can be beneficial. Brisk walking will help burn more calories. As you get further to the weight loss journey, you can start increasing the walking time. Walking may increase your overall metabolic rate. This kind of activity may aid someone to relax his or her post-meal and create a caloric deficit.

  • Eat spicy foods

Eating spicy food may significantly help cut back on the excess calories. This is because they are rich in capsaicin elements in cayenne and jalapeno pepper, which are linked to triggering your body to release the stress hormone adrenaline. This hormone tends to speed up the ability to burn more calories. Also, eating hot peppers can help someone avoid overeating and eat more slowly; two other great selections right beside the hot peppers are turmeric and ginger.

  • Drink more coffee

Starting your day with a full cup of black coffee with no sugar can help suppressant one’s appetite. The caffeine in coffee is rich in natural diuretic that reduces bloating and aid protect the body cells from getting damaged. If you do not drink coffee, you can substitute it for green tea. Green tea also has powerful antioxidants which help with fat burning and weight loss.[Related: How Many Calories Do You Need To Lose Weight?]

  • Resistance training

According to experts, muscle tends to burn more calories compared to fat. Adding strength training will help build more muscle and will help burn more calories. It also helps someone to maintain weight loss.

  • Build a better breakfast

Essentially, all your meals are vital; however, breakfast is claimed to help someone start the day on right up a track. Therefore, ensure you start a day with the heartiest, best breakfast that makes you fuller and satisfied during the day to stave off your cravings. Aim to consume anywhere between 500 and 400 calories for the morning meal.

Also, include lean proteins and healthy fat in your breakfast like nuts, eggs, nut butter, or unsweetened Green yogurt. In addition, you can include fiber foods such as fruit, veggies, and oats.

  • Eliminate sugary beverages

When you are trying to lose weight and live a healthy life, eliminate drinking soda, and juice. Unfortunately, this kind of drink may add extra calories to your body or even suppress your fat metabolism. Thus, skipping any sugary beverages is among the rated ways to lose weight faster. It also adds the benefit of having a healthy heart and preventing diabetes. In this case, consider monitoring your intake of soda, juice, and alcoholic beverages.

  • Get more sleep

Insufficient sleep may increase cortisol levels. which may result in more belly fat and excess fat. Lack of sleep may affect your appetite, regulate hormones such as leptin and ghrelin. Studies have associated poor sleeping habits with weight gain and other related disorders. A night’s sleep is the best thing someone who is looking to lose weight can do.

Ensure you sleep 8 to nine hours before waking up, stop eating food two hours before going to bed, stop working 2 hours before going to bed and stop digital stimuli about one hour before bedtime to eventually improve your REM and deep sleep.

  • Drink water

Drinking more water may help in combating bloating. it helps to keep things moving. It helps with the processing of soluble fiber. Staying hydrated help to reduce toxins from the body. Also, drinking more water can help improve your complexion. Drinking more water helps prevent dehydration which helps with constipation and other disorder.

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The sample meal plan for weight loss journey

The below sample meal ideals are low in carbs rich in healthy fats, protein, and veggies.

  • Breakfast ideas

Spinach, feta crustless quiche, and mushroom. Also, add some Unsweetened Greek yogurt and eat with almonds and berries

Poached egg with a side of berries and sliced avocado

Green smoothie with avocado, spinach, and nut milk or cottage cheese

  • Lunch ideas

BLT wrap with peanut butter and celery sticks

Smoked salmon with a side of asparagus and avocado

Spinach and kale salad with chickpeas, grilled tofu, and guacamole

Lettuce wrap with red pepper, black beans, grilled chicken, and salsa

  • Dinner ideas

Roasted cauliflower with Brussels sprouts, tempeh, and pine nuts

Ground turkey bake with onions, cheese, mushrooms, and onions

Enchilada salad with pepper, chicken, spices, mango, and avocado

Salmon baked with roasted zucchini, ginger, and sesame oil

Antipasto salad with asparagus, beans, olive oil, cucumber, and parmesan

  • Snack ideas

Steamed edamame

Tuna pouches

Strawberries and brie

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Veggies and cauliflowers hummus

Cottage cheese with flaxseeds and cinnamon


In all, losing weight faster seems to be possible, but with proven tips to help you achieve the goal. Losing weight fast does not mean you aim at bigger goals. It can be hard to achieve. You can start losing fewer pounds and move at a reasonable rate. With the above tips in mind, start your journey today. Good luck

Deborah Jones
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