What Is the Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a current world issue affecting most men in their thirties and beyond. However, we have never been so straightforward with what exactly causes it. It is okay to be curious and, sometimes, speculate on the cause of this nagging issue. It helps to know how and where it emanates from. 

Erectile dysfunction usually stems from heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, contribute to this matter. Far from the myths and misbeliefs, these are usually the leading ED causes. 

This article investigates the leading cause of erectile dysfunction, debunks the myths, and sets the record straight. 

What Directly Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages but, dominantly, people of advanced ages. However, age is only predisposing, but underlying health issues often cause ED. Hypertension and heart disease are the most apparent ED causes, but obesity and diabetes contribute to this men’s nemesis. 

Regardless, that’s not to say that men with no history of heart disease and hypertension, among other health issues, are exempted from having ED. Men with lousy habits, including smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, are in the mix and more predisposed to getting ED. Tobacco and alcohol interfere with core body functions. They constrict blood vessels, causing high blood pressure and compromised heart health which directly causes erectile dysfunction.

Does A Lack of Physical Attraction Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Most men think that losing physical attraction to their romantic partners takes a toll on their libido, hence, causes erectile dysfunction. That’s completely misguided. Of course, some men can attest that ED may result from the anxiety emanating from the lack of physical attraction to their partners. Perhaps, the impact is indirect, but your libido always remains intact, and you can still get firmer erections that facilitate penetration. 

Diminished sexual performance due to a lack of physical attraction can’t be defined as erectile dysfunction, just a lack of interest in sex. It happens to most men, and the feeling is often mutual to both parties. However, people having no sexual interest in each other can still engage in sex and get aroused as supposed.

Does Aging Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Age is only a predisposing factor for erectile dysfunction. However, it’s not a direct cause. Some studies have shown that men as young as twenty can have erectile dysfunction, although the number is usually minimal. Men over thirty are the most affected, which fuels the debate of whether or not age is a direct cause of ED. 

Perhaps, this argument is still valid since most men start experiencing low tides in bed as they age. Some even get ED later in their senior years and may hardly feel like their younger selves. However, it should be clear that almost half of the men in their advanced years don’t have erectile dysfunction and lead happy sex lives. The only difference is that they don’t usually live up to the hype of their young lives, and their stamina may not be as robust as their younger selves. 

  • Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

One misunderstood myth about erectile dysfunction causes is that self-arousal usually causes erectile dysfunction. Masturbation, an act of self-pleasure that often ends with men ejaculating, has become more prevalent.

Some men often settle with themselves and achieve sexual pleasure without a romantic partner. That’s made most men believe that excessive masturbation often leads to erectile dysfunction, especially in advanced age. 

However factual that may seem, no scientific study or evidence has affirmed that. Masturbation doesn’t hurt the penile smooth muscles or cause life-long erectile dysfunction. Regardless, it compromises men’s urge to engage their sexual partners but doesn’t impact their libido in any way. A masturbating man can have firmer erections a few moments after the act and a more satisfying sexual experience. 

  • Does A Lack of Sexual Knowledge Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Sex is intuitive; everyone can get aroused and have it more practically without prior experience. A lack of sexual knowledge doesn’t imply that men may not reach their total capacity for pleasure during their initial sexual encounters. Instead, it’s only standard and intuitive, and most men get firmer erections.

However, not getting firmer erections in initial sex encounters is possible indirectly. On average, they engage in first-time sex in their mid-twenties, which is about when they’re incredibly potent. Regardless, the anxiety that tags along due to a lack of sexual experience often makes this a more viable cause. Anxiety usually blocks the neuropathways transmitting brain signals to the penile region, prompting blood to fill the area. That impedes achieving firmer erections, but it’s often temporary. 

What Should You Do After Determining the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

As mentioned before, ED results from many health issues and other habits. So first, it helps to visit a urologist to help you determine the leading cause. Hypertension and heart disease are the obvious erectile dysfunction causes, but others, including diabetes and sexual performance anxiety, also weigh in. 

For cigarette smokers and alcohol consumers, the reasons for their erectile dysfunction should be more apparent. Overindulging in alcohol and cigarette smoking often impacts health and causes this men’s nemesis. If so, visiting a doctor may not be necessary, and giving up these habits can help them out of this grip. However, it helps to seek medical help if you can hardly tell why you may have erectile dysfunction. Your doctor will identify the cause and administer treatment, restoring you.


Erectile dysfunction often stems from health issues, mainly heart disease and high blood pressure. Other health and mental issues, including diabetes and obesity, and sexual performance anxiety, are the leading causes. Masturbation and a lack of physical attraction to a sexual partner don’t cause erectile dysfunction. Besides, age is only a predisposing factor and not a direct ED cause. It’s valid to argue that men in their advanced years may have erectile dysfunction, and rightly so. However, the health conditions that tag along with age are often why most men struggle with impotence. 

Deborah Jones
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