Does ED Go Away Itself?

So many of us have questioned: Does ED go away itself? Erectile dysfunction can never go away if you fail to intervene. Mainly, Ed results from an underlying health condition that you need to deal with for some relief. Seeing a healthcare provider is the genesis of treatment, as it helps determine the cause of your condition. 

Why Can’t Erectile Dysfunction Go Away Itself?

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t come out of the blue but from an existing health condition. Thoroughly examine the cause and get subsequent treatment. Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction doesn’t always go away. It needs you to take corrective action to eradicate it. 

Some exceptions, however, exist. Mild erectile dysfunction caused by short-term stress may always seemingly go away without much intervention. However, chronic erectile dysfunction requires treating the causative health issue to help regain your erectile strength.

It is completely misguided to think that erectile dysfunction can go away, but it’s prudent to understand that you must be hands-on when treating this condition. 

What Can You Do to Make ED Go Away?

The writing is always on the wall when dealing with erectile dysfunction. You won’t, in any way, solve erectile dysfunction if you can hardly figure out the cause. This condition develops gradually.

It is easy to notice its signs while it’s still developing. Most ED diagnoses have revealed an existing health issue causing this condition. However, some moderate forms may only result from bad habits, including smoking and alcohol consumption. 

A visit to the doctor is the perfect start to every ED treatment. A series of physical and cognitive health examinations can help tailor the treatment. But first, identifying the cause enables you to determine the severity of your ED before planning your treatment regimen. 

Can ED be Permanent?

Erectile dysfunction can never be permanent. However, a few exceptions can make that possible. For the most part, ED is curable by identifying the causative health issue and administering treatment.

Although treatment may take some time, you always stand a significant chance of recovering. Erectile dysfunction is reversible regardless of your age or what causes it. However, you can still have a permanently damaged penis.

You could opt for medications to treat your erectile dysfunction in the short term. However, sustained erections from such medicines, including Viagra and Cialis, for more than four hours can lead to permanent damage to your penis. You may get an erection afterward, but not naturally. In that case, penile implants and surgery can help you regain your erections artificially. 

Can You Live with Ed if it Doesn’t Go Away?

Erectile dysfunction always goes away after treatment. It’s a reversible condition that shouldn’t worry you about whether or not you can be healed. However, some men have been forced into accepting life with erectile dysfunction after choosing to desist from seeking treatment. As such, you may live with erectile dysfunction out of choice. But please be assured that you can still get more artificial ED treatment to make you potent. 

No one wants to live a drab life deprived of sex. If you choose to live with it. It’s always best to come to terms. All isn’t always lost since medical help can help you regain erectile strength, regardless of the cause or severity. Technology has made it possible to cure erectile dysfunction past priapism so that you can restore potency. 

What Is Priapism, and Does it Go Away Itself?

Priapism is when the blood in the penis fails to drain, causing a sustained erection that lasts longer than usual. It is not an erectile dysfunction issue but can permanently damage the penis’s smooth muscle tissue. It can be more damaging if it lasts more than four hours, causing erectile dysfunction. 

This type of ED can be incredibly challenging to reverse. However, that’s not to say it’s impossible since, thanks to technology, you can regain your potency and enjoy peak sex performance. One way to do that is using penile implants, inserted through surgery into the haft of the penis. They’re handy and can get you pleasing your partner once again and enjoying what could have been more natural for you. 

How Long Does It Take to Regain Erectile Strength?

Surgery could be your last resort, although it doesn’t completely restore your natural ability to get an erection. However, most men prefer doing it naturally and eliminating physical erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Recovering from erectile dysfunction takes about a few months, perhaps six or more. But more chronic types need more time and could span a few years before recovering. 

However, remember that erectile dysfunction doesn’t go away without you making a move. If you suspect erectile dysfunction and can’t do your best in bed, please visit your healthcare provider immediately. 

What are the Preventative Measures for Erectile Dysfunction?

You can prevent getting erectile dysfunction and alleviate the burden of having to deal with it in the future. Or perhaps, worse, living with your erectile dysfunction because it’s too burdensome to treat can be debilitating. Prevention is always better than cure; it can save your day later. 

Therefore, try your best to keep your health in check. Take healthy and balanced diets and remember to exercise to stay fit. These measures, although not so significant at first, can help you alleviate the risk of getting erectile dysfunction in the future.


Erectile dysfunction doesn’t always go away but requires you to be more hands-on and proactive. Mostly, you’ll need to take treatment for the underlying causes or do away with lousy habits, including smoking and avoiding foods that compromise health. Sometimes, eradicating erectile dysfunction can be challenging, and most people choose to live with the condition. However, all isn’t always lost since technology has made it possible to regain erectile strength in many ways.

Deborah Jones
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