Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction can be cured! There are a lot of unsubstantiated talks that men with erectile dysfunction have to live with this condition their entire lives. That’s left most men hopeless and have ceased seeking help. Like most reproductive health conditions, regaining your potency and living your best sex life isn’t only a dream but achievable.

This article explains the possibility of getting your erectile dysfunction cured and enjoying a peak sex life. 

Is Erectile Dysfunction Mostly Curable?

Some types of erectile dysfunction may take time to cure. However, most take a relatively short span to go away by mainly treating them naturally. Erectile dysfunction degrees vary, and some mild types are almost manageable. The American Academy of Family Physicians identifies three forms of erectile dysfunction: Mild, Moderate, and complete. 

  • Mild Erectile Dysfunction 

Stress, sexual performance anxiety, and relationship issues are known precursors of mild erectile dysfunction. This condition is easily curable by sorting out underlying psychological health issues. Mild erectile dysfunction may not need medication, but giving a little attention to what causes it makes it quickly disappear. 

  • Moderate Erectile Dysfunction

Moderate Erectile dysfunction usually results from issues that include lousy habits that impact the testosterone levels in the body. Moreover, obesity can also be the reason you have moderate erectile dysfunction. You may occasionally get an erection, but it can be untimely and often unprecedented. Besides, your erections may not be firm enough to facilitate penetration. 

  • Complete or Chronic Erectile Dysfunction

This type of erectile dysfunction doesn’t always go away quickly, but it eventually cures. It results from chronic health conditions that are the underlying causes. Heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes cause complete or chronic erectile dysfunction, and sometimes medications like Viagra and Cialis may not be recommended with a rigorous medical assessment. 

How Long Does It Take to Typically Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction treatment may take only a few months to treat. However, it can be permanently cured in about two to five years. Mild erectile dysfunction may only require sorting out issues that impact hormonal balance in the body and enable firmer erections. This ED type usually doesn’t last as long as you’re okay psychologically.

Moderate erectile dysfunction needs a little more effort to treat. Since it usually results from bad habits that impact the body’s physiology. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and an unhealthy diet that triggers obesity can cause moderate erectile dysfunction. However, quitting these habits and healthy eating helps keep your body functioning optimally. It helps boost your T-levels, giving your potency back. 

Chronic or complete erectile dysfunction usually results from chronic health conditions, including heart disease and hypertension. Treating these conditions may take time and a lot of effort. In the short term, conventional medications, such as Viagra and Cialis, can help. 

Are Conventional ED Medications Effective?

Conventional medications, including Viagra and Cialis, help treat erectile dysfunction but don’t cure it. They work in the short term, giving you much-needed relief. They can help you sustain a healthy erection in more than an hour, sufficient for more fulfilling sex. 

However, they aren’t as effective for people having chronic health conditions. Or rather, these medications may not be recommended for people having terminal cardiac issues and other health complications. A doctor’s advice is always handy when deciding on conventional ED medications since they can significantly impact your health. 

How Do You Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Your erectile dysfunction can vary in severity, and more chronic types may need a little effort to treat them. A urologist appointment may earn you a physical examination to determine the type of health condition causing erectile dysfunction. Most mild and erectile dysfunctions may only need a slight change of habit or counseling to alleviate stress. However, chronic conditions require more attention to the causative health issues. 

If your erectile dysfunction results from heart disease, you will need treatment tailored to relieve you from the condition. The process may be gradual and phased, but your erectile dysfunction should improve daily. You can use ED supplements and conventional medications if your doctor sees fit. Eventually, you’ll cure your erectile dysfunction permanently. 

Here’s a rundown of other more natural ED treatments you can use. 

  • Exercising 

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is essential in helping your penile smooth muscle retain healthy blood for better erections. Kegels – the exercises targeting the pelvic floor area – are more practical at giving your penis the ability to hold blood for long sustained periods. However, generally staying active should help offer you some reprieve.

  • Getting Quality Sleep

Sleep is integral in your sex life, giving you a chance to enjoy peak sex performance. Studies have established that people lacking a good night’s sleep are more predisposed to erectile dysfunction, primarily in its mild form. Sleep deprivation lowers your T-levels, which can compromise your ability to get more healthy erections. If you’re battling unrelenting insomnia, seeking medical help should help you deal with this issue from its roots. 

  • Improving Your Diet

What you much on is essential, but how consistent you are with it is the foundation of better sex performance. Incorporating green vegetables like kale, carrots, and broccoli and avoiding foods having saturated fats should be a no-no. Besides, it would help if you were consistent with it to achieve more tangible improvement.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Cigarette Smoking

Alcohol and tobacco are the most abused substances. Yet, not many realize how much they impact their sex performance. Excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking usually narrow the blood vessels. Limiting blood flow to the penis causes erectile dysfunction. Besides, these substances typically lower your T-levels essential for better libido and sexual urge. Avoiding them should offer a quick reprieve and get you performing your best. 


Far from the more prevalent belief, erectile dysfunction is curable. Indeed, it may take time to restore your potency, and rightly so if the cause is chronic heart disease, hypertension, or other blood issues. Medications can help you in the short term, but tackling ED from its roots should offer you better relief. 

Deborah Jones
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