How Do You Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is never a battle to lose, but you can seamlessly restore your potency and be the stallion you once were. Most men feel almost hopeless trying to achieve higher sex performance in vain as they don’t understand how to solve this issue. But how do you fix erectile dysfunction, and can it completely disappear?

treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

To fix your erectile dysfunction, you must visit your urologist to determine the cause. Mostly, health issues, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, can be the reason you experience ED. You can immediately begin treating the cause, giving you quicker and more permanent relief. 

Which Is the Most Suitable ED Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction usually results from health complexities. That means dealing with the health risk factors comes in handy, solving this issue from its roots. Seeing your urologist for a detailed assessment is often the most suitable ED treatment.

Taking supplements or exercising is pointless if you’re battling heart disease since they only scratch the surface. However, your urologist may recommend a follow-up heart disease treatment for more permanent ED relief.

Moreover, lousy habits, including overindulgence in alcohol and excessive smoking, are often the precursors of erectile dysfunction. If you’re sure you don’t have any underlying health issues, including diabetes or hypertension, or are obese, it’s best to avoid substance abuse. Otherwise, a little exercise may help offer reprieve, but they should be more targeted.

Do ED Medications Help Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Medications are part of erectile dysfunction treatment. However, they may not be your permanent fix since they always work in the short term. Sildenafil, known as Viagra, is the most consumed medication by most men with erectile dysfunction. Other more verified and trusted medications, including Levitra, Staxyn (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Stendra (Avanafil), are only temporary fixes.

They usually reverse erectile dysfunction by enhancing the Nitric Oxide effects in the body. This chemical, naturally found in the body, can be short. However, medications improve their level to help relax muscles in the penis to facilitate blood flow. That helps in the short term and allows you to enjoy peak sex performance. Regardless, you could also opt for a good diet to help fix your ED. 

How Does a Good Diet Help Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

A healthy and balanced diet supplies your body with the essential nutrients that help improve blood flow to the penis region. That means limiting foods with saturated fat and consuming those that give your body the natural ability to maintain a healthy weight. 

You can consult with your health provider to recommend you the best foods to take. However, throwing in some spinach, avocados, carrots, and oats, among other foods, in your meals can help you improve your health. It would help if you were more consistent with your diet for better results since that gives the body a chance to tirelessly work toward restoring your potency. 

Exercising for ED: Does It Even Help?

Exercising is a more natural ED remedy. And while generally staying active helps improve your condition, it helps to settle with more targeted and helpful workouts. Exercising helps strengthen the muscles in the pelvic and penile region, facilitating robust and firmer erections. These muscles are significant players in helping the body sustain proper blood flow for better erections that can facilitate penetration.

But while that counts, what are the ideal exercises for fixing ED?

  • Kegel Exercises for ED

Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) target the pelvic and penile regions for better erections. They gradually help fix your ED for more fulfilling sex and significantly improve your T-levels. These muscles target one particular muscle, the pubococcygeus, that supports the pelvic organs. This muscle must be constantly robust to prevent blood from flowing out of the penis, enabling sustained erections. 

  • Pilates Exercises for ED

Pilates exercises help you maintain pelvic floor strength while moving your body during coitus. A more robust pelvic floor also supports the pubococcygeus, making it pretty straightforward to retain blood in the penis. 

Can ED Supplements Help Fix the Condition?

ED supplements have been a subject of controversy in the past, but it’s clear that they help. However, they won’t be as helpful if you fail to address the primary cause of ED, treating the condition from its roots. Some ED supplements are incredibly potent and help manage this condition. Others work in the long term, mainly if they help in maintaining a healthy weight. Regardless, it’s always best to seek medical guidance before taking them. 

Supplements usually contain natural ingredients that gradually work to help you counter ED. You may need to use them consistently, and the results may take more than two months to show. That calls for a bit of patience to realize the consequences. You might as well combine these supplements with a much healthier diet for quicker results. Moreover, staying vigorous and active can also combine accessories with exercises for better.

Does Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco Alleviate the Risk and Fix ED?

If your erectile dysfunction results from excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking, quitting the habit should fix it. These substances restrict blood flow, which causes impotence in men. While you may not see results at once, quitting smoking and alcohol helps alleviates the risk of further ED development. Further down the rope, it eventually fixes your erectile dysfunction. 

If you’ve never attempted to use alcohol or smoke, it won’t help if you start now if you want better and firmer erections. It’s best to avoid such intoxicating substances to lead a healthier and more fulfilling sex life. 


If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, the glad tiding is that there’s always a fix. However, it’s always best to be cautious of the possibility of getting yourself in this cesspool by leading a healthy life. Tackling this issue from its roots by identifying the root cause is always the best ED fix. Regardless, incorporating exercises and taking a nutritional diet complement the effort. 

Deborah Jones
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