How to Lose Belly Fat; In 14 new steps.

In this article, we are going to learn how to lose belly fat, in some effective ways. Excess belly fat is a frustrating thing both for males and females. Belly fat makes your clothes tight, making you uncomfortable in your day-to-day activities. Large waistlines are also linked with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer risks. 

How to lose belly fat

There are so many benefits linked to losing belly. It improves blood vessel function and sleeps quality among others. Experts have been in the weight loss field and came up with effective and easy ways to lose belly fat in the shortest time possible.

  • Track Calories

Burning more calories to how much you consume is a base approach to losing belly fat. Eating much or eating less does not mean you will lose your belly first. Tracking calories is the way out. To one pound of fat, you need to cut down 3,500 calories. You can consider using a weight loss app to know the number of calories you should burn in the gym or cut from your diet. For example, if you burn 500 calories per day for seven days, this would be 3,500 calories, that is one pound. 

  • Walk everyday

Consider having an evening or morning walk every day, especially if you don’t have an established exercise routine. Walking will help cut your visceral fat as it focuses on exercising your abdomen.   You can start by having a quick 10- minute walk in the morning and in the evening. Start slow, and with time, keep increasing the time you walk, ensuring you are comfortable with the movement. 

  • Embrace healthy fats

Eat the right fat to lose belly fat. Healthy fats in the form of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats will help your body not store more fats. Fats from foods like eggs, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, and nuts increase satiety and provide other health benefits when taken in moderation. During this duration of losing belly fat, avoid other regular fats.

  • Eat more fiber

Eat more fibrous diets like bread, whole grain, fruits, oats, beans, vegetables, chia seeds, and legumes. This type of food tends to fill you up and slow your digestion. In this case, you will eat less hence cutting belly fat.

  • Choosing healthy protein

Proteins keep you full, preventing you from eating more. Further, proteins are great to repair tiny tears caused by strength muscle training. And this aids them to grow stronger and bigger, hence nudging out the belly fat right in the process. Aim for at least 70 grams of proteins daily especially before exercising (Dr. Cheskin). To avoid eating much after exercising, consider eating around 12 grams of protein. Also, when eating proteins, go for protein-rich healthy ones like whole grains, whey protein, fish, beans, meat, eggs, fish, etc. 

  • Do some abdominal exercise

Thus one cannot spot reduced fat, doing crunches will help strengthen the abdominal muscle. it will make your abs thicker once you start losing necessary fat. When in the process to lose excess belly fat, aim to build lean muscle mass. Aim to do the ab work four to three times weekly on non-consecutive days and 24 hours to rest right between sessions. You can start with easy moves like declined crunch and bicycle crunches.

  • Avoid sugary foods

Researchers have found the link between sugary foods and an increase in belly fat. The added sugar contributes to excess calories causing crashes and spikes in the blood glucose rates. Crushes make you feel hungry and tired, raising the risk of overeating. Don’t eat sugary foods or snacks like punch, soda, sweet tea, etc. 

  • Drink less alcohol or no alcohol

Alcohol contains many calories that increase your calories rather than burning them. Alcohol contributes to weight gain as it stimulates food intake, and since it is mixed with sugar beverages, belly fat will increase. You can stop alcohol completely or stick to just one drink a day for females and two males.

  • Begin strength training

To lose excess belly fat, it would help if you focus on full-body strength workouts. Strength training aids to build your muscle which replaces the body fat. Muscle is metabolically active hence you will easily burn calories, reducing belly fat. Further, muscle growth increases metabolic rates, which in turn increases fat burning. Get started slowly by lifting weight two days a week as you move on.

  • Do cardio

Cardio is an effective way to burn extra calories and improve health. Brisk walking, jogging, bear crawls, swimming, Burpees, running and water aerobics are among the effective cardio for losing belly fat.

  • Limit stress

Stress might be the reason you are not losing your belly fat. Stress can mess up everything in your life, and gaining weight is not exceptional. This is because stress makes you eat more as bodies tend to use the food you eat as a substitute to deal with stress. Stress-eating leads to growing belly fat rather than burning it. If you have stress and want to lose belly, step back and conquer the stress first. You can talk to a therapist or other stress experts to get help.

  • Cut on simple carbs

This type of carb, which is found in cookies, white bread, and breakfast cereal, converts into sugar when consumed. This can mess with your blood sugar balance leading to bodily inflammation and hence an increase in belly fat. Replace the simple carbs with healthy and low-calorie carbs like legumes, whole grains, and vegetables.

  • Limit processed foods intakes

These foods cause an increase in belly fat as they lead to a calorie increase. Try to have whole foods and keep processed foods at a minimum. Avoid common and high-calorie food like bread, cheese, breakfast cereals, meat products, sausage, savory snacks, biscuits, cakes, etc. 

  • Drink green tea

Green contains antioxidants and caffeine, which are great for boosting your metabolism. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a catechin that can help burn belly fat. You can strengthen the green tea effect with some exercises.

Final Thoughts

To successfully lose belly fat, it would be more effective if you target the belly fat either with diet, exercise or in other related ways. And there you have it, the above tips will help how to lose belly fat. Just be patient, persistent, and stay active. 

Deborah Jones
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